'Narthagi' – Fighting to be heard

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Of late the graph of Tamil cinema has taken a new dimension. More films are released which makes the audience sit up and think about various happenings around them. These days, audiences are opening up to accept newer themes belonging to varied genres. There is one more film going to be released shortly, which will be a forerunner for similar films to be released in future. For the first time ever, a film based on the life of a transgender will be released in Tamil.

The film is titled 'Narthagi' with Kalki playing the protagonist's role. The film deals with the struggle a transgender has to face right from childhood through the adolescent years into adulthood and the many obstacles she comes across from the nearest of kin to the society and the outside world in general. It also distinctly portrays the subtle struggles a transgender copes up with like falling in love with someone belonging to the same gender, being ditched by loved ones and their struggle to be heard and respected in the society.

'Narthagi' is a film about a transgender who is a bharathanatyam dancer. Though the film is about a dancer it deals with the emotions of a transgender. The director vividly shows the hardships faced by the protagonist right from schooldays, lack of acceptance from the family when they come to know about the sexuality of their child, the problems faced by the protagonist after running away from home and finally accepting life as it is.

The film is directed by Vijay Padma. So will a woman be able to bring out the hardships faced by a transgender precisely?
Since women have a better hand dealing with the emotional quotient when compared to their stronger counterparts, the protagonist's emotion has been beautifully brought out claims the lead star of the film, Kalki. 'Narthagi' passed the censor board's table recently and was stamped a painful 'A'. Kalki is quite upset with this 'A' but feels that irrespective of the certificate, the film will strike a chord in the minds of the people and give them a feel into the life and feelings of a transgender. Kalki feels that 'Narthiagi' will be a first of its kind film in world cinema scenario.
TheCinemanews takes pleasure in bringing to you this project thereby lending its support in making the voice of a transgender heard loud and clear.

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