Rajini in the Hospital Latest Picture & updates

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Rajini continues to respond to treatment well.

Here we have for you one of the latest images clicked with our superstar and a medico treating him. Though the icon seems to be a little tired from the medicines that have been given to him, he is regaining his health fast and will be shifted to the normal ward soon suggest doctors attending on him.

Sources close to the hospital have also revealed that if the superstar continues to regain his health as he is doing now he would be out of the hospital in a week’s time.

Recently Dhanush, the icon’s actor son-in-law had revealed that he would release one more photograph of the superstar that was clicked recently, and this picture comes as a relief all the superstar’s fans who have been reverently conducting poojas for their star’s well being.

Let us also pray that the superstar is discharged from the hospital after fully regaining his health. Our intention by releasing the superstar’s pictures is also to calm the perturbed fans of the superstar’s fans, who would thereby keep peace and pray for the superstar’s well being and stop spreading rumours.

We wish the superstar a speedy recovery and we also pray almighty to give our icon physical and mental courage to come out of this tough patch and once again entertain the audience being his usual self.

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