Rajini may be transferred to a private room

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Rajini to be shifted

Superstar Rajnikanth, who was shifted to intensive care unit (ICU) of the Sri Ram Chandra Medical Centre, is improving his breathing pattern after giving him some advanced treatment, , including hemodialysis. After undergoing minor chest surgery, Rajini has been shifted to ICU for more protection and also its sterile area.
“In case of disease, symptom relief is the first sign of recovery. It is so here in this case. The laboratory parameters are improving which also indicates path of recovery. The interventions in this case are hemodialysis and ultra filtration, which have helped him appreciably,” said a hospital medical bulletin Thursday.
“Because of various consequences, there was fluid overload and (this) necessitated advanced treatment, ultra filtration and some amount of hemodialysis,” the health bulletin revealed.
Earlier, allaying the fears of Rajinikanth's fans, his wife Latha Rajnikanth and his attending doctor told reporters that the actor is cheerful, progressing well to medication and is also cracking jokes.
“All his organs are fine and functioning well,” Latha said. This was confirmed by S. Thanikachalam, senior doctor and part of the team of specialists attending to the superstar.
According to Thanikachalam, the actor ate two idlis, one Vaada and also plantain stem rasam Thursday.
He said the actor may be transferred to a private room Thursday or Friday.
Latha said the imbalance created by an infection is being rectified and pleaded for privacy. She also denied reports that the actor is suffering from renal problems.
“He is not going to any other hospital. We are taking good care of him. He had an infection, that he could have contracted anywhere. It created an imbalance in the body, which is being corrected,” reiterated the doctor.


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