Rajinikanth undergoes minor chest surgery

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Rajinikanth_lung surgery

Reportedly Superstar Rajinikanth, who is suffering from a lung infection and liver condition, underwent a minor chest procedure at the Ramachandra Mecical Centre, Chennai on Monday. According to sources, the doctors have removed the excess fluid that had accumulated in his lungs.

The actor is cheerful and his vital parameters are normal after the chest procedure. He has been advised complete bed rest (including visitors restriction) to avoid inter-current infections.

Sources from Kollywood hint that the actor might be suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms or a strict diet regimen gone wrong. "Rajinikanth is a chain smoker and drinks alcohol, so doctors might have diagnosed something related to it," Rajni’s elder brother was quoted as saying.

According to Times of India, a doctor who is treating Rajini said "”The fluid in his chest was pressing against the lungs, causing respiratory problems. We had to aspirate this fluid,”

TheCinemanews.com joins his millions of fans to with Superstar a speedy recovery!

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