Shweta Menon reveals her love

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Shweta Menon reveals her love

Renowned model, TV anchor and actress Shweta Menon is brave! Unlike the majority of actresses in India who believe that media would do nothing but harm to their personal lives if they reveal anything personal, Shweta disclosed that she is in love with a Mumbai-based media person Sreevalsan Menon.
However, she denied reports that she is getting married to Sree at Guruvayur temple on May 18. The actress, who is currently in the US on a stage show tour, asked how her marriage could happen at Guruvayur when she is abroad. She will be back only on June 2. Shweta also stressed that though she is in a relationship with Sreevalsan, she has no immediate marriage plans.
Reports say that Sreevalsan Menon is the grandson of poet laureate Vallathol Narayana Menon and is working in Mumbai for a London based company. Shweta Menon has three important releases coming up: the much awaited Ratinirvedam, Platform No 1 and Salt ‘n’ Pepper.

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