Suriya goes to Pakistan

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We had earlier told you that Suriya and director KV Anand are pairing up for 'Maatraan,' a movie that will mark the appearance of the duo together after 'Ayan.' The shooting for this movie was delayed a little due the shoot of Suriya's other project '7am Arivu.'
However, expectations for 'Maatraan' are already high since the duo's earlier movie 'Ayan' was a blockbuster and KV Anand's latest offering, 'Ko' was nothing less than a landmark film. After considering a lot of Kollywood's latest damsels, KV has zeroed in on Kajal Agarwal for the female lead.
'Sometimes the end, is just the beginning' is the tagline of the film, and the movie poster along with this tagline makes one consider this to be yet another action-packed thriller... The music will be tuned in by Harris Jayaraj and script by Subha, who have been writing for all of KV's movies so far.
The latest is that, 'Maatraan' is all set to kick-start and a shoot is scheduled by the unit in Pakistan's borders.
While the team travels to Pakistan's borders for their shoot, we'll get back to you with latest tidbits @

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