Vasanth Balan's Aravaan dropped?

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Director Vasanth Balan's Aravaan the period drama is said to be halted due to some financial reasons.

The director and the producer had mutually agreed to make the film in a relaxed pace to make the film in a perfect manner. Director Vasanth Balan has set a time frame of at least a year and a half more, to shoot the film after completing the shoot for a year. Meanwhile the producer is left with no money and even the financiers also backed off. Currently the half finished project requires a financier or producer to take over the project. For now, the film is shelved due to lack of sufficient funds.

Aravaan features Aadhi, Pasupathy, Archana Kavi and Dhansika in the lead roles.

The film is based on the life in South India during the eighteenth century.

We sincerely hope that Aravaan gets its required funds to complete the rest of the shoot.


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