[Video] Rajinikanth’s voice message to his fans

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Just before leaving for Singapore Rajini assured his millions of fans all over the world that he would be soon back from Singapore. His younger daughter Soundarya Ashwin released an audio recording of the Superstar saying he was okay.

The voice clip started with the Rajini's trait loud laughter, followed by identifying himself. "I am happily leaving to Singapore and there is nothing to worry about my health. I will be back as soon as possible. I earn money through acting for that itself you people are showering all your love on me. In what way can I do in return to all of you? Rajini said in a touching tone.

The actor also stated that I have God's grace and I consider the fans love showered on me as a form of God's grace. "Naan seekiram vanthudren…. Ok… bye… good…"

This is the message left by Rajini while leaving to Singapore. Though Rajini started out in laughter during the start of the speech but his voice seems to be weak and tired.

Let us wish and Pray for Superstar's speedy recovery!!

Here is the Voice message of Superstar Rajinikanth.


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