Vijay Anthony debut film titled as Naan

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Vijay Anthony

TheCinemanews has earlier reported that music composer Vijay Anthony is making his on screen debut and proving that to be true he has stared shooting of his film Naan.
The film will be directed by cinematographer-director Jeeva's camera assistant Jeeva Shankar and with film he is going to make his directorial debut. Vijay Antony apart from playing the lead role is also producing the film on Vijay Antony Corporation and composing the music too. Siddharth Venugopal and Rupa Manjari appear in the supporting roles.
Vijay Anthony says "The plot is very beautiful and I trust that I have done justice to the role. The film is unique and from the time the movie starts the audience will forget music composer Vijay and will see me as an actor. My first love is always music and will also continue to act at the same time. Please don't call me a hero because I love to be called as an actor".


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