Vijay's 'Velayudham' in August

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Here is more news for all those who are eagerly awaiting tidbits from the 'Velayudham' team.
Firstly the film will have all the essential features that usually feature in a Vijay film all inclusive of the songs and dance and the stunts. But there will be a little delay in the film's release suggest people close to the film's working unit. 'Velayudham' which was touted to hit theatres on the birthday of 'Ilaya Thalapathi' will be delayed by a couple of months and release only in August.
Though more than eighty percent of the filming is over, a couple of songs have to be shot, most probably from the foreign soil and then there is the post production work to be taken care of suggested 'Jayam' Raja, the director of the film recently. The film has five music tracks with Vijay Antony giving his best shot at the tunes. He has also crooned a song in this album. The lyrics have been penned by lyricist Vivega, Annamalai; the director of 'Dindukal Saarathi,' Siva Shanmugam, too has penned a song in this film.
Apart from the songs another highlight of the film would be the stunt sequences. There are around six action-packed stunt scenes in the film. The stunt scenes have been choreographed by stunt Selva who has also contributed to upcoming films 'Mankatha' and 'Venghai.' Though the film has been delayed a little the final product is what that counts, and the cast is making sure that the audience gets their money's worth and enjoy the film to their heart's content.
We will get back with more interesting updates on 'Velayudham' soon!

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