Aanmai Thavarel - Movie Highlights

What kind of film-buff you are? A: The one watching movies just for the sake of entertainment. B: The one who would vote for movies with a message. C: Yearning for a blend of commercial and meaningful cinema.

Well, 'Aanmai Thavarel' could make you feel content irrespective of what breed you are, for the film is a perfect collage of all the three things we discussed above. And that's the USP of the movie, which is running full houses since Friday last.

Here we present you some of the highlights of the film, to help you make a decision whether to watch the movie or not.

1. Despite this is their first outing, producer Kamal Nayan and director D Kulanthai Velappan have tried their hands at a different theme- human trafficking.

2. Even as chances were heavy for 'Aanmai Thavarel' to become an off-beat movie, it has been carefully ensured that the film is racy from scene one, however without diluting the basic knot.

3. Performance of lead players- They are newcomers, but hardly could you feel it, as Dhruv and Shruthi have come out with a convincing show which is almost on par with seasoned actors. What more? You have Sampath Raj and Subbu Panchu to give them good company.

4. The devil is in the detail, they say. Understanding this fully well, Kulanthai Velappan and his team have ensured that even minute things are not overlooked, thereby presenting you a gripping entertainer.

5. These are the days when technical departments help a movie to hog attention. And 'Aanmai Thavarel' is one in this list. From cinematography to editing to stunts, each and everyone involved in the film have given their best, or this is what we could feel after watching the movie.

6. Apart from money-making, only few look cinema as a powerful medium to drive home some much-needed messages. Producer Kamal Nayan has taken that risk and has come out in flying colours.

7. From college-goers to young professionals to elders, everyone has something to admire about 'Aanmai Thavarel'. And these words are from sources in the cinema halls, where the film is being enjoyed by one and all.

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