Anagareegam is having a hard time with the Censor Board

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  Anagareegam draws Censors' ire for sleaze

Tamil movie Anagareegam is having a hard time with the Censor Board, due to its exceedingly lecherous content. The movie was presented to the Censor Board, only to be turned down, as its on-screen sexual excesses couldn’t even be classified even under an A certificate. Anagareegam is the tale of a college professor, who gets intimate with his school going teenage student. The movie treads the path taken by Lolita and Poison Ivy, and has explicit scenes portraying sexual intimacy between an older man and a young girl.

The Censor Board declared that the scenes were disturbing and ordered many cuts, which would then make the movie eligible for at least an ‘A’ certificate. Director Krishna Devan, adhering to the Censors’ advice, made the changes and earned an ‘A’ certificate. Newcomers Vibi, Vakitha, Barajwal appear in this movie (along with Babylona) which will hit screens this month.

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