Bala says 'Vishal will get a National Award'

Director Bala3
Director Bala says that Vishal will get a National Award for acting in Avan Ivan like how Vikram got National Award for acting in Pithamagan. Director Bala who had directed films like Sethu, Pithamagan and Nan Kadavul has now directed a film titled Avan Ivan which has Vishal and Arya in the cast. Bala has changed his usual path in this film. He has included some commercial ingredients in this film.

Bala while speaking about this film said, "In most of my films there will be lots of emotions. But in Avan Ivan there will also be comedy with emotions. The story of this film is about the atrocities of two thieves in a village and the incidents that take place in their families.

Vishal has donned a different kind of role in this film. He has taken a lot of risks for Avan Ivan. There was a scene where Vishal had to jump from a great height. He did this scene without using a dupe. Moreover he sustained lots of injuries while acting in this film. In spite of all these hurdles, he had acted very well. He will definitely get an award."

Avan Ivan is to be released on 17th June.


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