Bala-Suriya’s ‘Nandha’ goes to Telugu

Suriya’s ‘Nandha’ might have released a decade back in here but just as director Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’ is ruling the roost in Telugu cinema as ‘Vaadu Veedu,’ this decade-old project from Tamil cinema is being dubbed into Telugu and released with a title ‘Bala-Suriya’!

The movie stars Suriya playing the titular role, Laila, Rajkiran in pivotal roles, and the music has been tuned in by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Currently, the DTS mixing work is going on for the project, whereas, the audio is being launched by Aditya Music into the Telugu market. The album boasts off six songs by Yuvan, out of which, ‘Mun Paniyaa…’ was a rage in here. Whether it will repeat the magic among our Telugu folks, we’ll have to wait to know.

‘Nandha’ shows Suriya as one who is released from a juvenile prison, and is yearning for a new start in life. He murders his father due to the latter’s torments, and after his release from the prison wants to be a good son to a deaf-dumb mother and lil’ sister, who fear him. Scenes where Suriya yearns for his mum’s love is very touching and the actor received much critical acclaim for his performance in this Bala flick.

It is said that, Nagamalla Shankar who bought the Telugu dubbing rights of this movie, is releasing this flick in Telugu soon, sometime in the third week of July.

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