Cheran-Prasanna's 'Muran' Latest updates
'Muran' which sees director-actor Cheran and Prasanna essaying lead roles is gearing for completion just with a few more scenes to be filmed. A good director can be a great actor, and Cheran has proved this statement true playing hero in many films and also winning the respect of his audience.
'Muran' is produced by Cheran's production house, Dream Pictures and the auteur-actor is very positive about this film tapping the right pulse of the audience. Cheran plays a singer in this film and his looks have come out very well.
Prasanna plays a filthy rich brat in 'Muran' and the actor is looking forward to his role in this film with earnest. There are rumours that Prasanna will play a character with negative shades in 'Muran.' Prasanna, who has had a lazy spell for sometime now with only a guest role in 'Baana Kaathadi,' is banking his expectations on this film.
'Muran' is directed by Rajjan Madhav, an associate of Mysskin, and belongs to the action-thriller genre. The film depicts the events which are set in motion when two totally opposite characters meet and the incidents that follow.
UTV has bagged the rights of this film and are quite happy to have done so and are positive that this film has all the right elements to make the viewing experience thrilling and enjoyable for the audience.
More than three-fourths of this film is complete. Actresses Nikitha and Haripriya will find themselves opposite Cheran and Prasanna respectively.
The film will hit theatres across theatres in the state just before the Independence Day on August 12.

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