Effect of Government change in Kollywood

With the setting of the sun and the blossoming of the leaves all seem to change in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Right from shifting base of the secretariat to scrapping out policies formed by the pervious government, to cinema the state is witnessing winds of change, some for the better.
During Kalaingar’s regime he authorized tax exemptions for films with purely Tamil Names. Still we had film like ‘Boss (Engira) Bhaskaran’ hitting theatres to which the screening committee had clarified that at least the proper noun in the film’s title should be in Tamil. This rule was in a way good because we had a good share of Tamil films with wonderful Tamil names.
But with the coming of the new government will there be changes in the Tamil film circles too? Will the present CM allow films with English names in the future, will there be any new policies or will the existing rule stay as such with film names in Tamil reaping tax benefits. These are the many questions popping into heads of many in the industry.
If there is any such news we will be the first to let you know!

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