Gautham's plans to direct a serial on Vijay TV stall? We had informed you earlier that Gautham Menon has plans to direct a serial. The director is working on this plan with the sole intention of changing the way how serials are viewed these days. The stigma attached to the serials now-a-days is that most of them are women-centric with loads of glycerin and the women a made up so well that even when they wake up from deep slumber not even a hair is astray!

Rewind to a couple of decades back when KB forayed in to small screen with his tele-serials. Looks like Gautham too is walking the same line. There were talks that he would be doing a thriller with each week seeing a new episode opening.

Yet another high point of this Gautham Menon offing is that the music will be by world famous A.R. Rahman. But it looks like this duo had some concerns regarding dishing a huge sum for serials. But with two pairs very experienced hands at work rest assured that the outcome whenever it is going to be would be great!

There were talks that Vijay TV will be telecasting the serial. But no official word has been out yet regarding the same. But when it comes we will be the first to let you know!

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