Hot Tamannah in a bikini!

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Well it looks like Tamannah will slip into a two piece for a Telugu film.

Sources in Tollywood reveal that Kajal Agarwal was initially signed up for this project titled ‘Ratcha.’ There was a scene where Kajal was asked by the director to change into a swim suit, of course for a scene. The actress seems to have refused to do so and chose not to continue to work for the film.

After which, the director seems to have roped in Tamannah for the project, who seems to have happily agreed to do the film as well as don a bikini!

But the actress did have a few conditions before accepting to do the scene. She made it clear that she did not want any still cameras around while doing the scene.

The reason being simple, that is, not to reveal her bikini clad images to dailies as well as in the websites. But if she is so worried about her semi nude pictures getting out then why agree to wear it in the first place? Well the actress recently revealed she was missing Chennai city. She will be seen opposite Dhanush in ‘Venghai.’ No Tamil script seems to have found its way to Tamannah in a long time now, we wonder why and when it will?

Tell us how you would like to see Tamannah on screen รข€" as a girl next door or as a sizzling hottie?

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