The humanitarian side of Suriya

It looks like Suriya will soon begin a people's movement. The actor, along with his father Sivakumar, has been doing a good deal for students who belong to the lower financial rung of the society through their establishment Agaram. Now it looks like the actor will go a step further and make this into a mass movement.

The actor revealed this while speaking from the film's chamber recently. Students who are not financially equipped but who have the urge to study more if given a chance are identified by this establishment and are provided the needed financial assistance. Sivakumar has been associating himself with this cause for more than 35 years now.

The establishment not only assists the students financially for education but also equip them to face the society confidently through various programs with the help of dedicated volunteers. Suriya is now planning to turn this organization into a movement where many more such needy but bright minds can be molded.

Will this transformation lead the actor invariably into politics like his contemporary star Vijay? Well you don't need to be in politics to do good to people, as they say!


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