Ileana to play as 65 year old in her next!

Ileana to play as 65 year old

It is well known that Goan beauty Ileana is all set to make her Bollywood debut with the film Barfee directed by Anurag Basu. There were many rumours that Ileana and Priyanka Chopra had cat fights over the significance of their role in the movie.
The main lead of the film Ranbir Kapoor plays a deaf and mute person, also we heard that Ranbir will have to go through a age transformation and Ileana is said to be Ranbir’s pair. So for getting the look of Ranbir's age old girl partner Ileana will be playing the role of 65 years old person. It's quite challenging to act like a 65 year-old, but apparently the actress has given a convincing performance and shocked the unit members. .
But considering her sexy image in South cinema, it was a daring decision made by Ileana which shows her in de-glamorized bold role, that sees her aging. With this act the actress is looking forward to strongly cement her position in Bollywood.
It looks like she does not want to repeat the mistake made by her other contemporary actresses who went to Bollywood from south!


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