Is it? Nayantara’s family forces Prabhu Deva

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nayanatara,prabhu deva

The latest buzz doing rounds in the tinsel is about the pressure that actress Nayantara's family and close relatives are giving to Prabhu Deva for him to embrace Christianity before entering wed lock with Nayan.

It is well known that Nayantara belongs to Catholic Christian community and her actual name is Diana Mariam Kurien. It was only when the actress entered the industry has changed her name to Nayantara. Her family belongs to a hardcore group within that cult. It is known that Nayantara's parents are insisting Prabhu Deva to embrace Christianity and become a full-fledged Christian prior to the marriage.

So now to marry Nayan, Prabhu Deva has to take Baptism, the process of getting converted to Christianity.

Well let's see whether Prabhu Deva will shun Hinduism for his lady love, off course it could happen as he has loved Nayan at the cost of his legally married wife.


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