Jeeva & his bro 'Jithan' Ramesh turn producers
Yes, they are actors and sons of a popular producer. Apparently yearning to achieve more in cinema, Jeeva and 'Jithan' Ramesh are now turning into producers by floating their own production company.

Remember we had reported to you about Jeeva's tweet to fans and friends asking them about their opinion on 'Spiral Dreams'? Look's like its coming into action pretty soon.

"We have discussed the idea with dad (R B Chowdary) and he has given his consent. With his blessings, we will soon be floating a new production house which will make our kind of films," says Jeeva.

The actor adds: "It is a longtime wish of mine to produce films. And when I found that Ramesh too is toying with the same idea, we immediately decided to join hands. Our family is very supportive of our decision."

Elaborating, Jeeva says, "We will initially start producing ad films and experimental movies. Later we will venture into making commercial flicks. And no, we are certainly not a competition to Super Good Movies."

Not a competition to daddy's Super Good Movies, but definitely a competition to all the banners out there. We @ wish the stars luck with their upcoming venture...


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