Jeeva & Jayam Ravi learns boxing

These days, our stars do immense homework before standing in front of the camera for a particular character. This trend heavily prevails among the young breed of actors and we have Jeeva and ‘Jayam’ Ravi to prove this.

While Jeeva learnt boxing for his forthcoming film ‘Vanthaan Vendraan’, directed by Kannan, ‘Jayam’ Ravi too has been getting trained in the martial art for his next venture, titled ‘Boologam’. Says Kannan, “Since Jeeva is playing a boxer, he took pains to master the art. He underwent rigorous training and became a boxing exponent before we started shooting for the movie. He is a thorough professional, I should say.”

Director of ‘Boologam’, N Kalyan Krishnan says, “The film is based on the life of a boxer and it is inspired by Asian boxing champion Madhan. ‘Jayam’ Ravi is being trained by Madhan himself and the actor is putting his best efforts.”

Now, read the starting lines of this snippet once again.

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