Nanban Team comes to Chennai

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After shooting in Coimbatore, Ooty, Andaman and Amsterdam, the cast and crew of ‘Nanban’, led by ‘captain of the ship’ Shankar, are now camping in Chennai, picturising some important scenes.

“The shooting is taking place on East Coast Road, Hotel Le Royal Meridien, Perungudi, Guindy Kathipara and other places. ‘Nanban’ is taking shape at a fast pace, unlike other Shankar films,” say sources..

Pointing out that the shoot of Shankar’s previous venture ‘Enthiran’ hit the news columns for wrong reasons after traffic was disrupted on the Kathipara flyover, sources say the director is now very particular that no such thing should happen this time.

“Recently a car chase was canned on a couple of busy places in broad daylight. But no one knows about it since the clever filmmaker shot it on a candid camera setup to avoid troubles to the traffic,” they add.

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