Priya Anand is on cloud nine

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Priya Anand is on cloud nine. At a time when actresses need a dubbing artiste to mouth dialogues on their behalf, the ‘Vamanan’ girl has dubbed on her own in two languages, for her forthcoming film ’180′.

“Since the film is a bilingual and I know both Tamil and Telugu, I gathered courage to dub on my own. I believe an actress should use her own voice to give life to the character she plays,” Priya says.

Throwing light on the film, she says, “Director Jayendra, a popular ad-filmmaker has ensured that 180 would work big time among youngsters. The script (by Suba) is so strong and interesting.”

On her co-stars, she says, “Siddarth and Nithya Menon were very co-operative and each one of us had a spectacular role to play. The name of my character is Renu and am hopeful it will strike a chord with audiences.”

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