Reason behind Selva’s walk out of Viswaroopam


There is a lot of buzz about Kamal Haasan and Selvaraghavan's Viswaroopam but even before commencement of the film Selvaraghavan was the first one to come out of the film. Director Selva has come out with an explanation for the first time on his walk out.

Selva says "Whenever I take up a project I will give my 100% for it. Due to my personal commitments I decided that I could not concentrate much on Viswaroopam. I had no other alternative than coming out of the project. During the initial plans we decided to complete the film in one schedule but later we planned to make it as a big project. It was only at this point of time I found it hard to have room for myself in the project".

Selva by adding says "It will take seven to eight months for pre-production work alone, which is not at all possible for me because I am engaged and a girl is waiting for me. So I opted out of Viswaroopam. That’s why I am doing Irandam Ulagam, which is a quickie.”


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