Shankar's 'Nanban' secrets is out now

Taking shape on fast-track, details about Shankar's 'Nanban' are being guarded like an army secret. But still, we managed to get some juicy info on the Vijay-Srikanth-Jeeva starrer, which is a remake of 'Three Idiots'.

Shankar, we hear, has totally cutdown the north Indian flavour we saw in 'Three Idiots' and made several changes to the script. "Nanban is not a line-by-line of remake of the Aamir Khan starrer," say sources.

For example, there are a couple of scenes shot in a college in western Tamil Nadu, which one could not find in'‘Three Idiots'. Also, a few new characters are also there in 'Nanban' script.

"Shankar has carefully designed the looks of all lead players. Funny among them would be the 'bakthi pazham' getup of Jeeva. Kareena Kapoor's character, which is being played by Ileana, has also undergone various changes."

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