Venghai Music Review, Rating

Venghai Music Review

The audio launch of Dhanush starrer Venghai has took place Sun Studios on June 10th in a soft and simple manner. The lead cast Dhanush, Tamanna along with the film's director Hari, music director Devi Sri Prasad and the singers of the album were present at the event. The audio launch was held on a low key affair without much fanfare. The audio telecast rights have been planned to be aired on Sun TV before the release of the movie as it works out as a way of promotions.
The album is a typical DSP mixture of fast numbers with some melody numbers. There are 5 numbers in this album, each representing a kind of its own. Let’s go for a musical ride and enjoy the music of Venghai………

Dhenam Dhenam-3/5
Singers: Benny Dayal, Baba Sehgal
Lyrics: Viveka
This is the first song in the film and is also the introduction song of Dhanush. Dhenam Dhenam is a typical Devi's style of music sung by Benny Dayal, and the rap portions written and sung by Baba Sehgal. The lyrics penned by Viveka perfectly describe the heroism. The perfect mass opening song for our heroes and a song of this kind is a must in director Hari's film. Definitely this song will catch up with the masses and front benchers. Good and energetic start of the album………..

Kaalangathale- 2.75/5
Singer: Karthik
Lyrics: Viveka
The second song of the album is placed with a melody number which is sung by Karthik. Kaalangathale is a nice and cool melody which will catch the attention of the melody lovers. Lyrics grab lot more attention. Karthik's vocals adds much needed sweetness to this breezy melody. A worthy listen and is sure to be aired more often.

Orey Oru-2.5/5
Singers: Tippu and Harini
Lyrics: Viveka
The song is sung by Tippu and Harini and after a long time the couple have joined together for a duet. This might have been a situational song and will be welcomed by the lovers who are feeling blue. The song reminds us some of songs in Hari’s films like Seval and Nayantara’s song ‘Oru Vartha Solla’ from Ayya. One will expect more than this as DSP is the music director. Orey Oru is a typical trademark of Hari Song. Surely will evoke the emotions of the lovers!

Yenna Solla Pora- 2.5/5
Singers: Devi Sri Prasad, MLR Karthikeyan
Lyrics: Hari
Yenna Solla Pora which is a folk number is sung by DSP in a typical style. The lyrics are penned by Director Hari himself and certain phrases of the song are written and sung by MLR Karthikeyan. This song will be enjoyed by the village throng and the visuals are expected to be on the back drop of Karaikudi. Go for it…..

Pudikale Pudikudhu- 2.75/5
Singers: Mukesh, Suchithra
Lyrics: Viveka
Pudikale Pudikudhu is fast catchy kuthu number sung by Mukesh and Suchithra. This is a must song in the album of mass masala entertainers which will be a much needed for the front benchers of the film. A foot tapping number and one can't stop dancing for this number in the theaters. Do you know guys this is the favourite song of even Dhanush which he keeps humming now. Will catch the charts and definitely a crowd favourite!

Final Verdict:
Overall, the album is good and the songs will be topping the music charts very soon. DSP has changed from his normal tuning as some refreshing tunes were found. The album comprises of a melody, folk song, kuthu number, duet and sad song and a fast peppy number an album could not ask for more variety and DSP has delivered. This refreshing music proves his maturity and his intention for being innovative. With Venghai releasing soon, the songs must be playing non-stop on air.


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