Vettai scene leaked

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There is a particular scene in Vettai, a Lingusamy film which has Madhavan and Arya in the lead, that would remind one of the much talked about scenes of Run, the earlier venture of Lingusamy and Madhavan.

In a fight scene, stuntmen who attack Madhavan would close the shutter of a godown to prevent his escape. With a sarcastic smile, Maddy would ask them, Enakkey shutter moodaringla.

This scene will take the audience to Run days and will sure be one of the highlights of Vettai, sources close to the unit say and add: Like this, Lingusamy has conceived many beautiful scenes.

In fact, Madhavan was about to miss the project saying that he was not interested to do the role of heros brother. But he was mightily impressed after listening to the script and immediately grabbed the offer. For, Vettai is a double hero subject, they add.

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