Why was CCL a flop show?

The much hyped about Celebrity cricket league remained a flop show. The organisers thought in a movie and cricket crazy country like ours, the combo of stars playing cricket will make people throng the stadia.

The response to the curtain raiser match of the CCL at Vizag in March this year was far better than the actual matches that were held this season.

Even as Bollywood studman Salman Khan, Tollywood's very own Victory Venkatesh, Tamil industry's superstar Suriya and Kannada hunk Sudeep endorsed their teams, even TV viewers refused to watch these matches.

There was hardly any interest among movie goers in these matches. Most of them were indifferent to the CCL matches. As we sit down and analyse what went wrong in the CCL, we found out the following reasons as responsible for CCL's flop show.

Firstly, there was an overdose of cricket across the country this year.After the world cup matches, IPL followed. People were as it is fed up of too much of cricket.This cricket fatigue reached its saturation point as the CCL began.

Secondly, the publicity for CCL was pathetic. There were hardly any contests, interactive platforms or participative programms with the fans that could generate buzz about these matches.

Thirdly, the broadcast quality of these matches was a disaster. The quality of telecasting these matches was below IPL or world cup matches. Also people didn't even know where they would get passes and when the matches were to be held in their city.

Besides, barring Salman and Venkatesh, there weren't many superstars playing in the cricket league.The teams failed to convince bigger stars to take part in the matches. Many superstars even stayed away from the stadiums and naturally the matches looked superboring. For instance, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi were not spotted in these matches. Even Kamal Haasan, Hritik Roshan, Amitabh or for that matter no big name was seen even in the gallery.

If the CCL needs to really take on IPL, it definitely needs to revamp its publicity strategy and endear their matches to the viewers and fans. People are also not expecting our stars to play serious cricket.

There needs to be more entertainment on the ground to pull the common man into the stadiums. If audience are not even watching these matches on Television, it calls for a serious thinking on the part of CCL and the franchisees on where they are going wrong. Otherwise, CCL will remain as disastrous as it was in the first season.

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