'Ambuli 3D' is the brainchild of the makers

With increasing 3D films flowing in at the international front, what with 3D movies lining up this summer, makers in here are to prove themselves at this front as well. Looking back, there are not many Indian 3D films that have been made and this stream is not ventured well into by us, Indians.
For all those of you who sulk at this, the makers of 'Ambuli 3D' vouch that you will be awed and proud of this 3D film that's take you onto a rural journey into Indian villages, in 3D!
Sounds interesting right?
'Ambuli 3D' is the brainchild of the makers who had come out with 'Orr Eravuu' last year, the latter was a horror thriller with a scientific approach to supernatural beings. The film also won the 'Best Independent Film' at the Chennai International Film Festival.
'Ambuli 3D' is inspired from a folklore tale which is being told in various parts of village in south India. The film is canned in various parts of villages in Tamil Nadu.
The USP of the film is that it is shot using a state of the art 'Panasonic 3D camera' claim the makers. Normally, a 3D film is shot with two cameras fit in a single huge rig  and have lot of constrain in using the rig because of its huge, heavy and consumes a lot of time for setting it up.
With this, constrains have been overcome. It's digital, compact and has two lenses fixed in a single body which acts like a human eye (just like the camera used in Avatar) which gives a brilliant 3D effect and setting the convergence is also made simple. At the same time while shooting itself you will be able to see the output live in 3D.
This feature film that is coming up in 3D will see a website launch on July 15.

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