Amitabh all praise for Rajini

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan always had high regards for his good friend Superstar Rajinikanth. Big B has expressed it once again, by saying that there are some exceptions like Rajini who doesn't need to promote his films.
"Promoting films has become as important and time consuming as making them! The element of bringing to notice this vast multitude and inviting them to come and see it within a week, for that is the duration of most films these days, at least as an indicator for their commercial prospects, has now become the yardstick", Amitabh posted on his blog.
"We never had it in our time and neither were we ever conscious of it. It was left to the producer and the distributor how it needed to be exploited. But times have changed now. There is greater awareness as far as communication goes; mediums of which have increased a million fold", he added.
He further said: "Rajini, Rajinikanth never indulges in this practice. The practice of promotions. And on occasion when we talk film informally, he often questions me as to why I do this. It's like selling yourself like a product, he often tells me. We laugh over it, but I explain to him that he is Rajinikanth, he does not need it. For him, it happens on its own. For lesser mortals like us, we need to excite audiences, to propel them to take interest, to get them into the theatres".

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