Arya met with an accident! 3 stitches on his forehead
Arya is the show stealer at the recent held Idea Filmfare awards ceremony. He along with Lekha Washington hosted the evening at the south Filmfare awards ceremony in Hyderabad.
The actor stayed back in Hyderabad for the next day as his close pal is opening a store. When the actor was rushing to the store opening he met with an accident which left him with three stitches on his forehead. After he was done with the first aid, he rushed back to the airport to attend his close friend Selva's wedding reception.
Arya was the attention grabber in the reception as he was seen with a huge bandage on his forehead and his face was also to some extent was swollen. Inspite of his pain and discomfort the actor made it to the point to attend his friend's reception by keeping up his reputation as a guy who will do anything for his friends.


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