Home Sick 'Superstar' Rajini was missing his family and fans

The return of Tamil superstar Rajinikanth from Singapore, after a month of treatment and rest, has triggered off a chain of mass hysteria among his fans. But sources say the superstar was missing his family and fans, just as much as they missed him.

The superstar and his family returned to Chennai on Wednesday night (July 13).

According to sources, the South superstar was asked to spend some more time recovering in Singapore but seems like he missed his family and fans too much.

"He missed home. He missed his friends, family and fans. He insisted on returning now," says a source very close to Rajinikanth.

As the news spread that he is landing in Chennai on Wednesday night at 10 pm, crowds began to flock at the airport and near his residence.

Fans and admirers were seen with pooja thalis and garlands in hand to greet the actor who is considered no less than an idol down south

. Says the source, "It's crazy over here in Chennai. As soon as news spread that Rajniji is returning, all of the city got ready to give him a resounding reception."

While the shoot of Rana won't start before September Rajini's co-star Deepika Padukone has made it very clear to the actor that she'd join him for shoot whenever required. She would also be flying down to Chennai to meet him soon.

Says the source, "Deepika has assured the superstar that she will be there to shoot whenever he's ready to do so."

The actress has in fact been flooded with offers from Tamil cinema after she signed Rana. But she has made a commitment to Rajinikanth.

"She won't do any Tamil film until their film together is completed. This is her way of showing how much a film with India's greatest screen idol after Amitabh Bachchan matters to her," adds the source.


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