Kanchana Movie Review, Rating (2.5/5)


Movie Name: Kanchana
Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Sriman, Devan, Manobala, Kovai Sarala, Sarath Kumar and others
Direction: Lawrence Raghavendra
Producer: Lawrence Raghavendra
Music: Thaman
Rating: ★★½☆☆

Scarry but funny

Lawrence Raghavendra's Kanchana, publicised as Muni 2, is supposedly a horror film. With almost same set of cast restored in the sequel and enough publicity, expectations seems to have run high. Does this sequel live up to its first part. Check out how it is.

Raghava (raghava Lawrence) is a youth who is afraid of everything and anything around him. He is so scared of things that he would not venture out of the house after 6 pm. Raghava prefers to sleep next to his mother (Kovai Sarala). He gets all courage sleeping next to her.But Raghava prefers to spend all his time playing cricket. As things unfold, few unnatural things happen. His cricket kits gets blood stained and more bewildering events unfolds in his house. Meanwhile, Raghava starts to behave like a girl and starts aggressive. He goes the otherway around. Afraid of his acts, his family seeks the help of dargah. Meanwhile, there is an interesting romance between Raghava and Priya (Lakshmi Rai). How he becomes very normal and gets everything back is the climax. Lawrence has loaded a message there.


Lawrence does what he did in Muni. In comedy sequences, he has excelled well. As usual he is at his best in dance sequences. Lawrence's expressions when he turns a woman is worth mentioning. But at places, he does overacts. Lakshmi Rai is glamorous. She is the oomph factor in the film. She is good at dance sequences too matching Lawrence by step-by-step. Kovai Sarala is back after a gap in Tamil cinema. She is good as Lawrence's mother. Three cheers to Sarath Kumar. The macho-man throws a surprise in Kanchana. Yes, he plays a transgender in a cameo. Though it is a brief role, it has an impact in the film. He deserves all praise for the guts to do such a character.


It's a whole and whole Lawrence film. The story, screenplay and direction by are Lawrence Raghavendra. It has its moments. The script is racy. But at many places very predictable. The pace stutters at few places. The scary moments may be enjoyed by the kids. Interestingly, the music by S Thaman is good. It adds pep to the script. The re-recording unfortunately is average, leaving ni impact on the proceedings. A scarry movies deserves more.


It is an interesting movie for its different from regular themes. It has humour as its under current. But how far it scares us is the USP. It has few commercial elements in it to appease masses. Watch out for Lawrence, he gives everything for the song.

Box Office verdict:

It is a movie that should have been released during summer vaccation, for it may attract children. But a scary movie told in style. Hope it strikes rich.


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