KO -100 days, running successfully

KO directed by KV Anand has successfully completed 100 days of run and even now it looks like there is no stopping. The film crossed 100-day mark today and is still making good revenues in the centers released.
KO has received rave reviews for KV Anand's direction, Jeeva's performance and also for it's for the exotic locations. The film is a genuine hit and it is the biggest grosser in 2011 so far. The distributors, exhibitors and the screen owners are very happy with the collections. In the era of piracy and television serials, the film managed to pull the audiences to the screens for its brilliant making.
KV Anand has proved his mettle once again as a director with KO. Post to the success of KO, Jeeva's career graph has gone to the upward direction and he is all excited about the film turning out to be a hit. In fact has taken Jeeva to the next level in his career.
The film stars Jeeva, Ajmal, Karthika and Piaa Bajpai in the lead roles.
Congratulations messages are pouring in from all sides for the team on the successful completion of 100 days!
We at kollyinsider.com congratulate the whole team for completing 100 days successfully.


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