Namitha and Sona are sharing a bitter friendship

It looks like Namitha and Sona are sharing a bitter friendship these days and there is a reason behind this.
Sona who was recently played the character as Sumitha Kothari in KO, which is similar to Namitha a lot and this has irked the actress. Sona recently said to a Tamil weekly that she has called Namitha to know her feedback, but she did not pick her call.
Sona described "After the release of KO, many opined that my performance in KO had a lot of resemblance to Namitha. So knowing this I had given a call to her to know whether she is disturbed with me but there was no reply from her. Later I have sent a sms saying that Hope you are not angry with me.
The reply Sona got from Namitha is It’s okay. Don’t give me a call again. With that message Sona understood that Namitha is annoyed with her role.
Lets hope that Namitha and Sona turn as friends very soon as industry always aims for healthy & friendly environment.


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