Namitha slams Sona for imitaing in Ko has come down heavily on Sona for indulging in 'cheap publicity tactics' by imitating her in films and for dragging her name unnecessarily. "She should immediately stop this," said Namitha in a statement Sunday.
"This year, some filmmakers used my name and photograps in their movies. But I kept quiet, realising that these things would happen for a popular actress. But Sona's act is unacceptable," she said.
Namitha further said, "She has been continuously imitating me in films. Sona also claimed that she had sent me a SMS but I did not reply to her. She had not sent any message to me. She is involved in cheap publicity tactics by using my name."
"I have no connection with Sona. Why should I reply to her?" Namitha said and added: "In fact, she should feel ashamed for insulting me in Ko. She should have refused the role if she really had respect towards me."

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