Prabhu Deva-Ramalath divorce final hearing, both failed to attend

Prabhu Deva , Ramlath

Yesterday (June 30) was the most important and anticipated day for choreographer Prabhu Deva and his wife Ramlath as they were supposed to get legally divorced at the family court.
But surprisingly the couple who stepped the family court for mutual divorcee has not appeared the court yesterday for the final hearing. This has surprised many and even the media persons who were standing outside the court to catch the glimpse and question Prabhu Deva were stunned with their act. Prabhu Deva and Ramlath's lawyers have submitted a letter, citing their inability to attend the court proceedings.
Prabhu Deva's in his letter stated that he was unable to attend the hearing as he is out of town and his wife Ram lath cited that she could not attend as her son was ill. This has been a disappointment situation for media as they were eagerly waiting to know Prabhu Deva's future plans.
Following this, the Magistrate of the family court has posted the case to July 10th, 2011.


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