Rajini says 'Deepika Padukone beautiful among all the other actresses '

Deepika Padukone said that she is very proud because Rajnikanth said that she is the only beautiful actresses among all the other actresses.
Deepika Padukone is to pair with Rajni in the film Raana. She while speaking to the media said, " I am a Bangalore girl.
When I was modelling I got the opportunity to act in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. I made my debut in a Kannada film. Later on I started concentrating in Hindi films.Since I was busy there, I was not able to concentrate in other language films.
In between I got the opportunity to act with Rajnikanth. I immediately accepted. Everybody is asking that when I will participate in the shooting of Raana. My full concentration is on Rajni’s health. Because of this I am not showing any urgency in acting in Raana. I came to know Rajni’s daughter Soundarya since she is also a producer of this film. Now we have become close friends. We are in regular contact with each other either through phone or SMSs. Raana is a very special film for me. I have also confirmed this to Rajni’s family members. I am ready to give call sheet whenever they ask me. I will not be reluctant to adjust the dates for the Hindi films. Rajni is a great achiever. He has attracted me a lot. I recently heard that he has stated that I am the beautiful actress among all the other actresses. Really I don’t want to discuss about this. But I am really very proud about his statement. I think this is the greatest appreciation I have everb received in my life."


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