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rajinikantha rana
Now that Rajini is back from Singapore after recovering his health all seems to be falling in place for Rana. Director of the film K.S. Ravikumar is regularly in touch with Rajini and taking his suggestions on how to go about with the project. Now that the actor is back the director has called all the cast and crew of Rana who were working for other projects.
The director has given consent for the artists to go ahead with their other assignments during Rajini's absence. Deepika's call sheets have also been taken by Ravi Kumar from September. The actress has already confessed that she will available at any given point of time to work in Rana. Rajini and Ravi Kumar are planning to shoot the dialogue scenes of the film first.
Coming to the stunts part they have decided to shoot later as Rajini needs to perform some horse rides, sword fights and heavy action sequences. These scenes are being altered by keeping superstar's health condition in mind. So now the fans can rejoice as they were carried off by the rumours all these days which said that Rana has been stalled.
We will update you on the latest happenings of Rana soon!


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