Rana: No Change in title - KS Ravikumar

For the past couple of days there were rumours buzzing around the tinsel is that Superstars Rajinikanth's Rana may go for a title change as due to sentimental and astrological reasons. This has been the top pop up when Rajini was first admitted in the hospital in Chennai. Now after Rajini reaching Chennai again the rumor mill was at a buzz about the title change.
The film from day one is facing small problems including incomplete script works, followed by casting problems of female leads and finally Rajini's ill health. So keeping all these aspects into consideration many opined that the film's title would go for a change. But however the director of the film k s Ravi Kumar has confessed that there will be no change in the title.
He said, "The name of my film with Rajini sir will remain Rana and no further changes will be made".
Now Ravi Kumar is the only person who has direct access with Superstar Rajinikanth. It is known that the director is meeting superstar on a daily basis and keep him updated on Rana.


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