Rowthiram: Inspiration from real life experiences - Gokul

Rowthiram is inspired
There are rumours that Rowthiram has been inspired from some Hollywood film but the film's director Gokul thrashes the rumours and said that Rowthiram is special in its own way.
Gokul says "Rowthiram doesn't carry any replicas from any Hollywood films and totally its a raw inspiration from my real life occurrences. I have seen many real situations faced by the society through injustice and as I am a director I have translated them into the celluloid. The audiences will really enjoy the film as they feel that there are not watching the film, but a reality".
Producer RB Choudhary said that Gokul is the one of the few directors who has impressed them with the very first round of script narration.
With all the commercial elements Rowthiram looks like it has lots of action in store with Jeeva's outstanding performance and Shriya's glamour.
Rowthiram is scheduled for its theatrical release 12 August 2011.


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