Sadha has bagged a role in Bollywood 
We saw her opposite Vikram in 'Anniyan' which made waves all over. 'Unnale Unnale' with Vinay is her last released film in Tamil. Yes, we are discussing Sadha and her upcoming films. The actress has a couple of good projects in Telugu and Kannada.
In Kannada she is doing 'Aakarshana' with Upendra. The actress has revealed that working with her co-star Upendra was a good as well as learning experience. She will also be seen in Telugu. There is a buzz doing its rounds down south that Sadha has bagged a role in Bollywood too.
The actress herself is believed to have confirmed this but she did not reveal anything about the film because she has not yet signed on the dotted line. We hope she will be doing it soon after which news regarding the film as well as the cast and crew will begin trickling.
Recently there was also news that some miscreants were trying to hack Sadha's social networking site because of which she had stopped visiting her page. But it looks like all is well with this 27-year-old Marathi lass now.
We will get back with more interesting news on the Bollywood film that she will be a part of and other interesting filmy tidbits right here @!

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