Simbu has written and sung a song for 'Osthi' in Tirunelveli dialect
Simbu, who is currently shooting for 'Osthi,' is concentrating on his look for a fit and sculpted physique and is believed to be hitting the gym regularly for looking original in a cop's attire. He is also believed to have asked the original hero Salman Khan to shed a few tips for maintaining a fit body.
There are confirmed reports now that Simbu has written and sung a song for 'Osthi.' The actor is believed to have dedicated the song to all the wives because the lyrics in the song suggest so. Simbu has wielded the mic in most of the films that he has starred and almost all the songs have been chartbusters. It is just a matter of time to see if this song would click as well.
Richa will be starring opposite Simbu in this film with supporting roles from Revathi, VTV Ganesh, Jithen Ramesh and Madhu Shalini.
There are reports that suggest that Simbu is learning the nuances of Tirunelveli dialect. In the original too Salman has delivered a gruff Bihari accent. It looks like Simbu is also leaving no stones unturned and is looking at all perspectives to make the remake mint gold at the box-office.
Check out this image from the sets of 'Osthi,' and tell us what you feel about STR's latest avatar...

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