Superstar Rajini is landing in Chennai on 13th night

Rajini landing
Here is breaking news about Superstar's arrival.
It was just a few hours ago we have reported that Rajini's Poes Garden house is ready to welcome him and we are here with great news for which everyone is waiting for.
Superstar Rajini is landing in Chennai on 13th night by 10.45pm in Singapore Airlines at Chennai International airport. The moment for which each and every fan of Rajini is waiting for is just few hours away. Though Rajini's family wanted to keep his arrival as a secret but his ardent fans are keen in knowing about the star's arrival. His fans across the world and especially in Chennai are celebrating with this great news.
This is a very special moment for which his fans are waiting from a long time. The numero uno star is fit and healthy after taking treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. Superstar is going taking rest for one more month as suggested by the doctors and will be joining the sets of Rana from September.
So, is there anything else then this big news, let us celebrate and warmly welcome the star. KollyInsider request Rajini's fans not create any trouble to the actor in the airport as he still needs some rest. Superstar is going to talk to the fans as soon as he arrives in Chennai and let us wait patiently.


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