Velayudham; aren't there any distributors?

Vijay's Velayudham has exceeded the budget beyond the producer's expectations. The film is still left with a song which yet to be shot, the budget is expected to go further up. So, far all is well with the film but surprisingly no distributor in Tamilnadu is willing to take the film due its high costs involved.
There are big distributors turning up for the film and so the producer of the film Aascar Ravichandran has decided to take up the responsibility of distributing the film himself. Ravichandran is holding talks with the theater owners and will be marketing the film himself.
If everything goes well, fans can look forward for Velayudham in the last week of August.
The producer has done this before and it is not new for him. So, Velayudham will not go away from Aascar's hands.


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