Video Piracy: No Government can eradicate- K S Ravikumar Rowthiram is a film which has Jeeva in the lead role. This film is being produced by Super Good Films R B Chowdary. Shriya is pairing with Jeeva in this film. The audio CD of this film was recently released in Chennai.

Arya who participated in this function while speaking said, "Shriya is an actress who dedicates herself for acting. I am not joking. I am saying this seriously. I am saying this because I have the experience acting with her in a film. Shriya has born for cinema only. I am telling this seriously."
When Arya was praising Shriya, Shriya, Jeeva and Jayam Ravi who were sitting in the stage burst into laughter. Arya also joined them in laughing. Jeeva while thanking the gathering jokingly said, " I should definitely speak about Shriya and her acting. Otherwise Arya will lose his temper."

Director K S Ravikumar while speaking on this occasion said, "We should sell the video rights when we are producing a film. If R B Chowdary becomes the president of the Producers Council, this could happen. The present president S A Chandrasekaran should find a solution for this. No Government can eradicate video piracy. Hence we should come to a conclusion. It is better if we sell the video rights."

Actors Jayam Ravi, Nasar, Jaya Prakash, Shriya, directors S A Chandrasekaran, Vikraman, Lingusamy, Jananathan, Vetrimaaran, Kannan, Sai Ramani, Rajesh M, Rasu Mathuravan, producers R B Chowdary, Kala Puli S Dhanu, Swaminathan, Subash Chandrabose, Rowthiram director Gokul, cinematographer Shanmuga Sundaram, music composer Prakash Nikki and Lyricist Na Muthukumar participated in this function and spoke.


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