[Video] Ranjitha talks at a press meet on Nithyananda issue

A new missile landed on the Sun Network on Tuesday when Ranjitha lodged a complaint with Chennai city Police Commissioner alleging that the media group had defamed her and portrayed her in bad light. She also sought action against Nakkheeran bi-weekly.
Talking to journalists at a press meet later, she said, "While a newspaper in England is closed for hacking telephones, here, in the name of investigative journalism, they have placed video cameras inside an ashram and yet no action has been taken."
She alleged that the pictures showing her with Nithyananda were morphed. When reporters asked about the delay in filing the complaint, Ranjitha said, "The change in the government has given me the courage to come out and demand action."
The actress alleged that the TV channel had aired morphed video footage featuring her and Swami Nithyananda. When a request had been made to stop televising the clips, money was demanded from her, she said.

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