[Video] Vijay's wedding hall faces demolition

Sangeetha Marriage Hall, owned by Vijay, is likely to be demolished. The front portion of this wedding hall, which is situated in Porur, is likely to be razed down, said officials. Since there are plans to construct an over bridge in this area, several shops are being demolished and Vijay’s marriage hall also comes within its purview.

The officials were at Porur recently to begin the work and this created a commotion as shopkeepers in the area staged a protest. A source says that the Sangeetha Marriage Hall will not be demolished entirely but a small portion in the front will be razed down.

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Chennai, July 13: Actor Vijay who owns two marriage halls in the city had built a third in Porur. The State Highways department during the DMK rule had served a notice that it will have to pave way for an expansion of the road. The same fate befell Vijaykant whose marriage hall was partially demolished by the Highways.

The marriage halls were named after his son, mother and the new one after his wife Sangeetha. Ironically the dispute was cleared by the DMK Chief since SAC his father was a close confidante. Situated at a traffic signal the place is a scene of traffic chaos. The highways at first served notice to the shops near the marriage hall asking it to vacate but not to the hall. They are linking the road with the bypass.

Sensing this move Vijay held a function in this place to celeberate the victory of Jayalalitha and fans hailed him for his crucial support without which she would not have come back. Much before Vijay shifted camps to ADMK, Vijay tried to join Youth Congress but it did not work. Later they tried using DMK to get the Ministry to drop the plan but the party chief gave no assurance and said would consider it after elections.

The only alternative was to align with AIADMK and hope that its victory would stall the demolition. Vijaykanth after forming his political party got a jolt when he was served a notice that half of his marriage hall would be demolished for the highway expansion. He met Mr. Karunanidhi with a blueprint by which the hall could be kept intact but it was rejected by the witty politician remarking “You have come with a plan,”.

From yesterday demolition of shops near the marriage hall has begun and the traders are demanding that the same criteria be applied to Vijay’s hall too.


  1. This article sheds light on the challenges faced by actor Vijay's Sangeetha Marriage Hall in Porur due to road expansion plans. It's interesting to see how political affiliations play a role in resolving such issues. The situation seems to have caused tension among shopkeepers and traders in the area as well. The article provides an intriguing glimpse into the complexities of infrastructure development and the impact it can have on businesses and individuals. I hope a fair and amicable resolution is reached for all parties involved, taking into consideration the concerns of both the authorities and affected parties. For more details, visit Marriage Halls Near Medavakkam


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